The International Accreditation Board for Psychology Education (IABPE) is a world-renowned and highly reputed quality and standards organization responsible for assessing the performance of educational institutions around the globe. We evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of psychology programs initiated by universities and colleges everywhere so that we can adequately determine the value of contributions made by such programs to the field of psychology.

Our mission is to ensure that the quality of psychology programs taught in universities across the world adheres to the highest standard in terms of curriculum, course module, teaching style and method along with impactful learning and understanding. Our goal is to modify, improve and further develop psychology academic programs so that students can emerge as confident psychology professionals committed towards making positive contributions to their society and community

Apart from the main accreditation process, there are a number of activities the IABPE conducts that facilitate educational institutions on their way to achieving complete accreditation status. These are implemented with the objective to guarantee the credibility and quality of educational institutions’ academic programs in terms of learning impact on students and to identify, if any, areas where said educational institution needs any improvement whatsoever. The activities conducted by IABPE that facilitate a university/college which has to undergo evaluation to attain international accreditation status are listed down as follows:

  • Developing standards for the education and training of psychology students
  • Ensuring such standards are actively being met by educational institutions offering academic programs revolving around psychology
  • Providing advisory and consulting services to education providers around the world on the best ways to improve their study programs
  • Continuously providing support to educational institutions on the quest to achieve high quality in their academic programs
  • Monitoring the performance of educational institutions from time to time in order to ensure that quality of academic programs is maintained over a period of time

Featured News

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