IABPE is considered a symbol of high standard and excellent quality as it validates the existence of a university as an education entity that delivers superior learning and training to those who aspire for a high quality education and who wish to become bona fide professionals in their own right. Hence, it is no wonder why numerous universities and colleges offering degree, diploma and certification programs in the field of psychology seek to have their programs attain the ever-coveted accreditation label. Every educational institute can partake in our accreditation process; the only criteria are the institute’s commitment and drive to continuously improve their standards and reach for a higher benchmark.

Our team of commission members consists of highly experienced evaluators who are in charge of the examination of educational institutions. Each commission member possesses a very high level of dignity and outstanding ability; two criterion that are deemed necessary for one to conduct a thorough and completely impartial assessment of a university. The evaluation process begins with a visit to the university’s campus which may last up to several days. During the visit, commission members in charge of the examination process will conduct a proper assessment of the premises to see if it has the adequate tools to effectively deliver high quality education. In addition, every commission member holds interviews with members of the administration, faculty and student body. This is to determine to what extent each individual is capable of meeting the standards of the institution and how many contributions have they made to the overall system. After the visit has taken place, IABPE’s team of educationists draft a report in which they thoroughly evaluate processes and procedures that were observed during the visit. The report also lists down the various future recommendations for the institution that was under observation.

A thorough inspection of all policies, processes and procedures regarding a university’s operations is carried out to establish the strength of the structure of the institution. Once a review of all documentation is done, IABPE’s team of educationists gives a recommendation to the Ministry of Education to officially recognize the institution along with the academic programs it offers. In addition, the team may provide the Ministry with additional information, such as the various ways and measures in which the said institution can improve and further develop its processes, thereby encouraging progress until the next cycle of accreditation.

You can also become a part of iabpe by sending us an accreditation request on and get your engineering programs accredited. With an accreditation from iabpe, your educational institutes degree, diploma and certificate programs will be accepted and recognized internationally.

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