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IABPE is a regulatory body responsible for the improvement of quality assurance standards of educational institutions offering programs and courses in the field of Psychology across the world

Our evaluation criteria assesses the strength of educational institution’s curriculum, quality of teaching methods and value of learning environment provided to students. In pursuit of its mission to promote the finest global educational standard for working adults, iabpe has also created regional chapters worldwide. The professional network of members and office-bearers of these chapters works as a think tank and provides suggestions and recommendations to improve the quality of education of educational institutes.

You can also benefit from iabpe accreditation program and get your institute recognized locally and internationally by emailing us the details of your institute on the following email address:

Featured News

  • IABPE is building industry partnership to foster career readiness
  • IABPE launches Aid Program to help students manage finances
  • The council introduces teaching methodology for research based programs
  • Conducting online training programs for psychology professors across the world
  • Announces need based scholarship of worth $1.5 Million for deserving students
  • Participating in All American Psychology Conference in Fremont, California
  • Launching a worldwide protest against underage labor and child abuse
  • Introducing global faculty exchange program for iabpe registered professors
  • Nominated for APA Award for contributions to the advancement of psychology
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