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If you are seeking accreditation for your educational institution in the field of Psychology and get your degree recognized by the local and international government bodies, please send us the details of your institution along with the information about the courses and programs it offers. We will send a representative to your institution to verify the information and examine your eligibility for accreditation.

You can reach us for any kind of additional information or assistance. We welcome your queries and feedback and appreciate your interest. We appreciate your interest in the International Accreditation Board for Psychology Education (IABPE). You can email us your queries and feedback.

For any kind of additional information or assistance, you can reach us on:

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  • IABPE is building industry partnership to foster career readiness
  • IABPE launches Aid Program to help students manage finances
  • The council introduces teaching methodology for research based programs
  • Conducting online training programs for psychology professors across the world
  • Announces need based scholarship of worth $1.5 Million for deserving students
  • Participating in All American Psychology Conference in Fremont, California
  • Launching a worldwide protest against underage labor and child abuse
  • Introducing global faculty exchange program for iabpe registered professors
  • Nominated for APA Award for contributions to the advancement of psychology
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