IABPE has selected below mentioned universities and degree-awarding institutes as per Global benchmark. The listing is ranked according to the most relevant programs offered by different universities having global significance especially in the European region for employment and better working opportunities. Here at IABPE, we ensure that the various degree awarding institutes and universities are meeting the criteria up to globally acceptable quality education while meeting European standards as well. IABPE vigilantly take into consideration universities across the world as to meet the required benchmark for uniform accreditation and equivalency as per Global Standards.

Name of Universities Websites
Marwin Field University www.marwinfielduniversity.education
American University www.american.edu
Cairo University cu.edu.eg
Alexandria University www.alexu.edu.eg
California Institute of Technology www.caltech.edu
University of Oxford www.ox.ac.uk
Stanford University www.stanford.edu
Queensburg University www.queensburguniversity.edu
Harvard University www.harvard.edu
Caralyn University www.caralynuniversity.edu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology web.mit.edu
Princeton University www.princeton.edu/
University of Macklin Ford www.uomf.education
NUS www.nus.edu
Yale University www.yale.edu
University of California, Berkeley www.berkeley.edu
Carlfield University www.carlfielduniversity.edu
University College London www.ucl.ac.uk
Columbia University www.columbia.edu
University of California, Los Angeles www.ucla.edu
University of Pennsylvania www.upenn.edu
Cornell University www.cornell.edu
University of Toronto www.utoronto.ca
Duke University www.duke.edu
Creekford Univerity www.creekforduniversity.com
University of Michigan umich.edu
Northwestern University www.northwestern.edu
Tokyo University www.tokyouniversity.edu
University of Chicago www.uchicago.edu
Warren Stone University www.warrenstoneuniversity.education
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